DC Brau


So, in the interests of being less of a dork, and of updating this blog, here’s my trip to DC Brau.

Visited DC Brau 3/9/12, apparently they were having a special day there. Sausage day? I do not know, but it involved delicious smelling sauerkraut and sausage. And also sampling beer. Of course, sampling beer.

My friend and I were supposed to go on the tour around the brewery, but we arrived around 10 minutes late and when we caught up to the tour guide, we couldn’t understand anything anyway. So, instead we just wandered around, marveling at the gigantic vats of stainless steel.

It was pretty awesome, and I was in full dork-mode at this point, gawking at everything in the brewery. The scale of everything, in particular was fascinating. The wall to my left stacked with 100 lb grain sacks, and against the far wall there was a monolithic structure of aluminum cans. The canning machine sat directly across from the sacks of grain. Then, behind the canning machine—which split the big room in two—were the fermentation and brewing vats (Hey! Awkward modifier!). There was a huge fermentation tank that had a blow-off tube bubbling at a nice rate in an industrial sized trash can—compare that to my 1/2 gallon blow-off container.

To the left of the bubbling tank there were several oak barrels (maybe 16?), of which a few were actively fermenting with their own small blow off tubes. Which was cool, because I always assumed cask fermentations were sealed to the outside. Anyway, there were a few different casks, two of which seemed older than the others. Some casks were labeled pear brandy, and some seemed to be regular bourbon casks.

I should probably taste some more cask-fermented stuff. I think my tasting experience in that area is pretty undeveloped—which probably holds true for the rest of the beer styles. I need to drink more beer, but I’m too poor. C’est  la vie.

My best results in beer tasting usually happen when I convince my friends to buy good beer, and then we all swap a few bottles. Good times all around, easier on my wallet too.

Hoping to visit the Dogfish Head Falls Church alehouse tomorrow.

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