Bedside Books

Since I’ve been reading erratically throughout winter break, I figure it’d be interesting to know what books I have by my bed, or otherwise lying in my bedroom.

However, books by my bed are often just that—books that I’ve gotten a head start on, or plan to start/am in the stages of reading.

In no particular order, here are mine:

(Apologies in advance for the formatting. If anybody knows a better way, let me know. I suspect it has something to do with gallery view.)

William Maxwell is an awesome writer. I'm savoring this volume of short stories by him.

Done nothing with this, but I'm very happy to finally have a Chekhov volume.

I like this so far, but am only a few pages into it, as it's fallen victim to my neglect of fiction writing.

I'm just eyeing this text, haven't even started it. It's seductively slender

Such a good break from fiction. I've always been a fan of Hunter, just because he's brilliantly funny.

David Foster Wallace. I can't form an opinion on this book yet. ~100-150 pages into it.

So pretentious! Foucault has good things to say, though. Only just started this.

Because I love his poetry. A Christmas present that I chose for myself (thanks Mom & Dad!).

One response to “Bedside Books

  1. Could have lent you my Foucault. I agree he is pretentious. I dig your blog and miss your presence. Read on dude. – P

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