Midnight in Paris or What’s on My Reading List

I watched Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen’s most recent movie. And after watching all the portrayals of 1920s art giants, it got me thinking: have I been neglecting a period of literature as interesting as the works of the members of the Lost Generation?

And yes, I have. I read The Great Gatsby, along with every other high school freshman in the country, and sat through the teacher’s boring list of colors Fitzgerald uses and what they represent in the book (what was green, again?). So that doesn’t really count–it wasn’t on my own time. So then what am I left with?

I’ve read no Hemingway, and none of the poets that come along with the Twenties.

But if Owen Wilson is right–

And when has he ever been wrong?

–then the members of the Jazz Age, in Europe and America, have a big impact on literature that I’ve missed out on so far.

But This Side of Paradise is on my bookshelf now, impatiently waiting. I hope Scott Fitzgerald is as exciting as he is made out to be, and I have a good feeling that he is.

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