Here’s a link to Conversational Reading’s post about academic writing and academic research.

While I can’t say I particularly mind not having a lot of readers, I do have something to say and critical analysis can only take me so far, I feel. Both academic writing and fiction writing both have limits imposed on them by both the human mind and its use of language, but that academic writing is the weaker, more uncreative half of the duo.

The ability to exercise creativity is a fundamental part of my life, and interpretation has never seemed to me the kind of creativity that satiates those urges. Although I readily admit my bias against academic writing, stemming from the imitative way its been taught to me. Rote repetition grows tiresome after a while in school. Parroting is never the way to learn something.

But annnnyway, the link corroborates my choice to procrastinate my pursuit of a post-baccalaureate degree for a while.

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