Twilight: My Journey So Far

I don’t know how this post will affect the integrity of this blog, but I feel compelled.

A heftier tome than I thought, at around 500 pages.

I flipped to the last page to see how many there were, and was horrified as I almost read the ending. So I just had to estimate.

Anyway, I originally picked this up for my 2-hour plane ride last week, to pass the time. And since then it’s evolved into something I’m caught up in much more than I thought I would be.

Where to begin? Let’s start with what I hate about Twilight.

1. No one could possibly be as clumsy as Bella Swan claims to be. It’s not possible.

2. Bella’s first confession of love for Edward. It happens at the end of a chapter, and it’s also on the back cover of the book: “…and third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.”

Really? Being as clumsy as she is, Bella has a pretty huge vocabulary. Almost as big as her love for Edward. And she sure knows how to string long adverbs together to make them impossible to pronounce.


        Let’s play vampire baseball in the woods, AND THEN GIVE NO REASON WHY THESE THREE STRANGERS SHOW UP.  Why can’t they just eat Mike Newton instead of Bella? Beats tracking her for thousands of miles, and Mike Newton just doesn’t deserve to live anyway.

Okay, now all the bad things are out of the away. Here’s what I’m enjoying about Twilight:

1. Bella is a book-whore.

Which makes her attractive to me. Supposedly she’d read most of Jane Austen before she was assigned in English…which is pretty cool.

2. Kristen Stewart plays Bella in the movie series.

Kristen Stewart

Which is also pretty cool (but irrelevant).

3. I want to be a vampire.

If you can get past the fact that Bella is horribly reckless by being with Edward, and that he could kill her if he wanted to, being a vampire seems to have its perks. Super strength, super speed, immortality–and the ability to sparkle? I can see why Bella is in love with Edward: he’s basically Zeus, but without all the adultery and incest (so far).

Which sums up my thoughts on Twilight. Now I’m going to finish it.


3 responses to “Twilight: My Journey So Far

  1. Erg. Twilight. I saw breaking dawn and was just like “what?” I won’t be bashingly critical but just… what?

    What do you think of twilight vamps vs. say, Buffy vamps? Or even Dracula vamps? Personally, I think it kind of Marty-Stus them. It has the readings of a fanfiction. Meh.

    • But if you compare Edward to Dracula, and just look at their vampire qualities, Edward is a scarier vampire, just because he has all these superpowers that Dracula doesn’t. Dracula, from what I remember, is really just more of a loner.

  2. I haven’t seen the movies, but somebody told me today that they were way off of the books.

    And I’m not very knowledgeable about other vampires in general. I can see how it would read like fan fiction, though. Especially with the ending at the prom. It’s almost too blissful and perfect.

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