Eighteen Impossible Miles

Visited The Strand today, here’s what I looked at, and eventually wound up buying.

Here’s a list of what I almost bought:

Here’s a list of what I bought:

Comments/suggestions would be appreciated!


2 responses to “Eighteen Impossible Miles

  1. Oh my. The only book I’ve heard of on this list is How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive. But it’s not the same one you’re talking about. 😦

    So happy to see you’ve re-nested in blogland, G. And writing round-robin style with your peeps–love it! Looking forward to reading more. And yes yes–please come and run in Farmville. You could even race a horse, or a cow, or something, if you wanted.

    Love you! (Hey, where are my stories?)


    • Well, half of these I only found cause they were on the recommendation tables at The Strand. I’ve started reading the Ice Trilogy, and Great Fire of London. Translation (or the writer, I dunno) of Ice is so annoying. Everything is either emphasized with italics or caps lock.
      And also, How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive was inspired by the book you’re talking about.

      Yeah, I will do!

      Also, I’ll post a story or two soon, I guess. Maybe today, since I’ve been spending the time I usually blog during on another essay about The Strand.

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